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           DIEGO VALDEZ


Diego Valdez Established Artist




Is a modern-day Polymath–Artist, model, actor, Poet and connector.

A fixture on the latin art scene
The Colombian born Valdez is the Founder
of artist agency Voilartists

(voila and artists means “here are the artists”)

And his artwork has appeared from Times square in manhattan to Campaigns for discovery channel, Animal planet and other large Corporations, to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Valdez has created six unique artworks to be displayed in the Diageo offices for the Luxury Brand Tequila Don Julio

In these works, Valdez´s kinetic, Luminous digital-arts style pays homage to celebrity and national identity Valdez has previously collaborated with Diageo.

 To honor Hispanic Heritage Month Through Portraits of Frida Kahlo and Che Guevara. His 30-day exhibition was on show at the  Norwalk, Connecticut Headquarters and in the Manhattan Office.


Diego Valdez celebrity


 What techniques and tools do you use to keep yourself organized?


I use the passion as my technique, I don´t work with expensive tools or programs with my art everything digital or handmade it´s the product of the creativity and that inner wish to go beyond every day.


 What has been your most challenging project so far?


As an artist the last Hispanic heritage month event was so complicated because I had almost no time to finish the 17 drawings, portraits and create the symbol to represent the number one adult beverage company in the world Diageo

for the hispanic heritage month, however I did my best and I got tremendous exposure and success after that.


Which Medium do you prefer to use and why?

 I am trained as a classic artist but because we are living the digital age I prefer now work on digital.

The classic way to create art it´s like a religion but it´s slow and an artist today have no time to wait for results so digital art it´s key to promote yourself as an artist today.


You’ve recently been working on film production, tell us a little bit about this project and if there’s anything we should be keeping an eye out for?


Yes I have been launching with my team in 7/22/1519 a shortfilm inspired by the missing letters never founded of Lucrezia Borgia, and it´s so important to us because it´s our first film with no animated characters and working with real actors, locations, big sponsorship and hard work, I have to congratulate Edward Messa the director and Luisa Gomez the actress for this amazing work.


Are there any new projects you’re working on that are in the making; that you’d like to mention?


Yes we are working right now with Photographer Magdallene Vlad winner of the expand your network with Diego Valdez invite of Talenthouse in the creation of the re make of voices of hope (no ego campaign) a powerful campaign inviting everybody to forget the ego and work together to build a better world

by creating pictures of beautiful models with the words no ego written in the arms or with the poem of voices of hope written in the body - this project will hit LA soon with mayor celebrities and artists supporting the beautiful campaign.


diego valdez creative





 What is the most devious thing you remember doing as a child?



I have been always a shy person, the most quiet kid in the classroom, and the one with the mind


always in the moon in the middle of the most important class of the day ... so I don´t have that

devious aspect to talk about.





 If you could choose one superhero power, what would it be and why?



 My super hero it´s batman and the super power it´s the determination.  






 If you were an animal, which one would you want to be?



  I would be a Leopard, always there waiting for the right moment, doing the right movement and jumping in the right time.. sometimes a little late but always there.






  What do you like to do for fun?



  I love to play with my little daughter Isabella that is the most wonderful thing of my life.





 How do you think I rate as an interviewer and why?

Better give a good answer Diego :p :D



 This has been such  clever interview ..amazing great and so diverse .. #10




You’ve been sent to a deserted island you find a treasure box and inside there are five items!!!


Diamond Dust, Duck tape, Empty juice bottle, Iphone with 10% battery remaining aha!! ;) And a bunch of sticks!! How would you put these to use? :D


I´ll pick the iPhone and I´ll try to send an S.O.S tweet out to UN ;)




diego valdez artist


Former Fashion model, Active soap opera actor, author

 painter, Designer, filmmaker


 Fashion Career

Diego Valdez has been model for

 Diesel & Levis Jeans 2004, 2005, 2008

 Latin America, Europe

Marithe Francoise Girbaud Jeans 2006 France

 Stevenson Underwear 2006 Canada

 Chevignon Jeans France 2006, 2011 France



 Colombia Moda 1991 to 1999

 Sao Paulo Fashion week Brazil 2006

 Milan Fashion week 2005

 Paris Fashion week 2004, 2006 

Selected by FTV -FTV MALE in top ten

 Best top worldwide fashion models 2008


Actor Soap opera Actor Latin America


 2002 to 2005 different roles for different productions


 Published Author 5 poetry books

 3 poetry Prizes Buenos Aires Argentina 2003

 Colombia best Erotic Poetry 2002 / medellin colombia

 Young writer of the year Colombia 2005


 Artist / Designer
 Illustrator for Gia Foundation 2007 NYC

 Writer Poem Gia Foundation 2007 NYC

  Designer Interior design Animal planet & Discovery Channel office 2009


 Artwork Discovery channel collection save the wilde life 2009 NYC


 Selected Artist of the millennium 2009 by LA weekly, villagevoice, Phoenix newtimes

 Rotative campaign 1´800.000 impressions 30 days of campaign

  Artist creative for Cesar Millan concepts Idea for The Dog whisperer 2009 LA/ NYC

 Designer Double Digital Unilever Global event  NYC 2011


 Selected global / Unique Artist to Represent the number one adult beverages

 company in the world Diageo Hispanic Heritage Month 2012 art exhibition

 Norwalk Ct, NYC, LONDON


 Selected Global Unique Artist to represent the Number one tequila

 In the world Tequila Don Julio Cinco D mayo Celebration Diageo 2013


Live exhibitions Chicago, Dallas, Miami, NYC, Norwalk Ct, London  
Thank you Diego for sharing your work & Inspiration it has been great connecting with you my friend I hope everyone will enjoy as much as I have :D great working with you
& thank you for the interview
diego valdez artist
lady gaga art diego valdez